ISS Sweden signs contract with Aleris

ISS will provide cleaning services to Aleris, one of the leading private players within healthcare in the Nordic countries. To begin with the contract covers a number of Aleris’ locations in the Stockholm region.

ISS has signed a three-year agreement for cleaning services with private healthcare provider, Aleris. In addition to the locations in Stockholm, Aleris has several facilities around Sweden which means there is opportunity to expand the contract. Aleris also has operations in Norway and Denmark.

Cleaning is an important part of healthcare and with this contract ISS has consolidated its position as the leading provider of cleaning services in the Swedish healthcare segment.

ISS provides service solutions to hundreds of healthcare centres and several hospitals such as Carlanderska Hospital in Gothenburg, Sunderby Hospital in Luleå, Uppsala University Hospital and Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm.

Susanna Adel Widlert, Quality Manager at Aleris said:

“We have great confidence in ISS, as they have great expertise and much experience as a service provider to the Swedish healthcare system. We now look forward to a rewarding cooperation with focus on quality and development. Cleaning is an essential part of ensuring patient safety.”

Ola Gunnarsson, Director at ISS Sweden said:

“We are very pleased to get this vote of confidence from Aleris. In ISS, we encourage innovation and our aim is to work with the customer to develop the contract in a long-term partnership. We are both suppliers within the healthcare system, which means we can support and complement each other.”