ISS to supply facility services to large pharmaceutical company with sites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Slovenia

ISS, a leading global provider of facility services, will become the future supplier of facility ser-vices to Novartis sites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Novartis, an interna-tional provider of innovative healthcare solutions based in Basel, Switzerland, has awarded ISS the delivery of integrated facility services at 22 sites, including production plants and other facilities, across the four countries as of 1 January, 2013.

In the selection process Novartis was driven by the need to find a solution whereby facility management could be delivered in a more standardised way, ensuring consistent quality and service levels across sites. Many of the sites in scope have outsourced service provision today albeit through a large number of different organisations. This project will mean that the majority of services in the future are delivered through one company, ISS. The contract will cover five sites in Switzerland, 11 sites in Germany, two in Austria and a further four in Slovenia.

“We are delighted that Novartis has chosen ISS to take its facility management into the next phase. We are humble yet take the confidence Novartis has shown us, as a clear confirmation of the strength and acceptance of the ISS delivery model and global facility management plat-form. We fully realise that the partnership with Novartis is a major undertaking in the four in-volved countries, but we are completely committed to making the partnership a success,” said Jeff Gravenhorst, Group CEO of ISS A/S.

“ISS has built a unique global service platform from which we integrate and self-deliver a com-plete set of facility services like catering, property, cleaning, support and security services across the globe. This offering is particularly relevant for global customers like Novartis, which are looking for consistent and transparent service delivery across their portfolio”, Gravenhorst continued.

ISS will commence delivering facility management services at the agreed sites 1 January, 2013. When the partnership is fully implemented, Novartis will become one of the largest glob-al customers of ISS.

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