Loomis acquires Cash Handling operation in Slovakia

LoomisIn line with the strategy to become the leading company in local markets Loomis has acquired G4S´s cash handling operation in Slovakia. Through the acquisition Loomis will become the market leader in Slovakia. The purchase price is approximately SEK 18 million (£1.67 million).

G4S’s cash handling operation in Slovakia has approximately 300 employees and six branches across the country. Following the acquisition Loomis will have a country wide cash handling network in Slovakia. The acquired operations have annual revenue of approximately SEK 60 million (£5.58 million) and will add customers within the bank sector as well as within the retail segment.

The acquisition will be consolidated in Loomis as of December 2, 2013.

The acquisition is expected to have a limited impact on the Earnings per Share during 2013.

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