Midlands Based Security Firm Celebrates Most Successful Year To Date

Lincolnshire based award winning security firm ProTouch Security Ltd. will have a valid reason to celebrate as the clock chimes midnight on 31st December, thanks to their most successful year yet.

Established in 2008, the security company will be able to look back on the last twelve months that’s seen them not only handle an element of security for the Olympic Games in London, and the Olympic torch relay in the region, but also secure contracts at major UK festivals, as well as expand into three divisions – ProTouch Security, ProTouch Staff and ProTouch Supplies.

“2012 has been an absolutely amazing year for us,” says Tommy Atkin of ProTouch. “From reaching the finals of the Event Production Awards, to announcing the expansion, to winning an award and the introduction of three new divisions, to working at the UK’s most successful Olympics ever, it’s just been incredible.”

As one of the UK’s leading providers of event safety and security, crowd management, event management and health and safety, the company’s grown by six hundred percent in just over three years, and has secured a huge presence in the events industry thanks to contracts such as Stonehenge’s Summer Solstice and the Isle of Wight Festival to name but a few.

ProTouch also has a strong commitment to charity events where they provide security and encourage their own staff to participate as part of their community drive for the company.

“This area has always been an important part of my life, and I’ve always been involved in charity and community work,” explains Tommy. “Earlier this year when we had the bad weather, I was out in my defender, helping stranded drivers, and that earned us a local television news interview.”

Tommy’s strong community and charity spirit has led ProTouch to working at Sky Ride, Cycle Song, the England Ladies’ Cricket, the Armed Forces March 2012, Mablethorpe Illuminations, Skegness Illuminations and for Mr Kipling to name but a few, all throughout 2012.

“I encourage all of our staff to participate and help out in community-led and charity events where possible. They’ve all put so much hard work into ProTouch Security over the last three years and I can’t quite believe just how much we’ve achieved during that time, especially over the past twelve months,” Tommy continues.

“To now be able to say that that there are three divisions to the company because of the creation of ProTouch Staff and ProTouch Supplies, as well as all the other things we’ve achieved in 2012 such as having the opportunity of working at the Olympics and receiving an award, makes me so proud,” he says.

“It’ll be hard to beat in 2013 but now that we’re able to provide staff and supplies to the event industry and individuals of the same calibre that ProTouch Security has become recognised for, who knows what could be around the corner?”