New Certification for ICTS Canine Security

ICTS UK announced today that their specialist canine units received top certification, with the complete explo team awarded HABC Level 4 Certification for an Explosive Detection Dog Handler.

Steve Hill, Secretary and Director of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) congratulates ICTS and, in particular, Jed Marshall (ICTS UK Head of Canine Services) for achieving what is probably the first Company Dog Section in the UK to have all its handlers trained and accredited to the Level 4 Certificate for an Explosive Detection Dog Handler. Not only do all ICTS handlers now hold this much sought after accreditation, but also their respective dogs have been assessed as being British Standard compliant, and are certificated together with their dedicated handlers, for 12 months.

Steve goes on to say that the HABC Level 4 Certificate for an Explosive Detection Dog Handler, which was introduced in 2011 as the first civilian qualification of its type, was developed by NASDU to meet the training requirements contained within BS 8517:2010 Part 2. It has been specifically mapped against the National Occupation Standards(NOS) for a Security Dog Handler, and the ACPO learning outcomes for a Police Explosive Detection Dog Handler.

“All of our handlers and dogs are already trained and accredited to Police standards, but the HABC qualification focuses not only on the dog handling skills and abilities, but it also covers Customer Care, Health and Safety, Welfare and Legislation. Evidence of being a competent Security Officer is also required. The process involves 3 examinations and practical assessments, taking up to 200 guided learning hours. The dogs are accredited on control and ability to detect the range of explosives in a variety of scenarios” commented Jed Marshall, ICTS Head of Canine Services.

This achievement confirms ICTS UK as a market leader in the delivery of specialist canine security solution, with aninherent capability of delivering the following range of Canine services: Passive and Proactive Drug Detection,Explosive Detection, Remote Explosive Scent Tracing (REST) Services and Canine Security Patrol.