Perpetuity run Diploma course embedded into University of South Wales BSc Risk Management degree

Brian Blakemore
Brian Blakemore

Perpetuity Training’s reputation as the UK’s leading provider of accredited Security Management training has been further enhanced with news that a Diploma course which it delivers on behalf of the Security Institute, has been incorporated into a BSc degree course run by the University of South Wales.

The Security Institute’s  Diploma in Security Management has been embedded into three modules which students will encounter during the second year of the BSc (Hons) Risk Management, Security Operations and Investigation degree course.

The Diploma provides students with a broad understanding of how security theory works with best practice to form successful security initiatives. The training course, delivered by distance learning provides students with an understanding  about the risks, causes and prevention of crime, as well as the design and implementation of loss prevention and security initiatives. It does so by exploring  theoretically founded concepts and encourages students to introduce their own ideas and experiences to scenarios related to the workplace.

“The quality of the content of the Diploma course and the way in which Perpetuity presents the online content , made it a very easy decision to make the course an integral component of our BSc Risk Management degree,” said Brian Blakemore, Associate Head of the School of Health, Sport and Professional Practice, which includes Policing and Security, at the University of South Wales.

“The objective of the degree course is to cover a wide range of subjects that will assist graduates to assess and minimise risk, and these include physical security, customer/passenger security, IT security and financial security, managing security operations and carrying out investigative work. The Diploma course has helped us achieve this objective by dovetailing perfectly into the second year of the degree course.”

Brian reports that five students are already on the second year stage of the BSc Risk Management degree and are therefore currently working through the Diploma modules. Among them is a student who, following a career in both the police and armed forces, has been able to directly enter into the second year of the BSc course.

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