Press Release – SecuriGroup is Carbon Net-Zero

Press Release

SecuriGroup LogoAs an organisation ranked in the top 1% of the Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme, SecuriGroup is focused on continuous improvement and prides itself on setting industry standards. SecuriGroup continues to lead by example in its effort to reduce emissions and protect the environment.

SecuriGroup committed to measuring and monitoring its carbon footprint through the externally validated Streamlined Carbon Energy Reporting (SECR) scheme. Understanding a business’ emissions is a vital first step towards reducing them. SecuriGroup’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions were assessed in accordance with HM Government’s Environmental Reporting Guidelines. Figures were calculated for ‘Scope 1’ and ‘Scope 2’ emissions which includes direct emissions from company vehicles and building related energy, and the business took the decision to voluntarily include ‘Scope 3’ emissions that lie outside the direct control of the company.

SecuriGroup has led the way in the implementation of paperless processes through the digitisation of systems by continuing to invest in the in-house development of our mobile app, SecuriGo. Earlier this year, the business transferred its web and cloud-based servers to carbon neutral providers. More efficient heating and lighting systems in our UK and Ireland offices, and a focus on recycling office furniture and IT equipment has also contributed to a reduction in the organisation’s impact on the environment. In addition, SecuriGroup’s vehicle replacement strategy will see our mobile patrol fleet transitioning to fully electric vehicles by 2025.

For those emissions that we cannot yet reduce, SecuriGroup researched the carbon offset market and opted to make financial contributions to projects which support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These goals include renewable energy and forestry projects, marine preservation, sustaining ecosystems and other projects that contribute to overall global development such as female education and water sanitisation projects across the world. All of SecuriGroup’s carbon offset credits are certified by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

SecuriGroup continues to demonstrate its longstanding commitment to reduce carbon emissions, having held the Environmental Management accreditation, ISO 14001, for over 10 years. SecuriGroup has underlined its commitment to the environment by becoming one of the first 100 companies in the world to sign-up to The Climate Pledge movement, joining global corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Coca-Cola and Mercedes. The Climate Pledge is a global initiative encouraging signatories to take collective action to work together to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early, and to build a safe and healthy planet for the next generations.

SecuriGroup Chair, Baroness Ruth Henig CBE, said “this achievement marks a significant milestone for SecuriGroup. We have committed to actively monitor and reduce our energy emissions, improve sustainability measures, and mitigate our impact on the environment.”

Doing what it can for the environment contributes to SecuriGroup’s core purpose of ‘Strengthening Society,’ and will remain a key part of its Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy.