Securitas encourages diversity with a celebration to mark International Women’s Day

Karen Morris-Lanz and Brian Riis Nielsen celebrating International Women’s Day

As part of its focus to create a greater, more diverse workforce, Securitas has held its first ‘Women in Security’ celebration at its Operations Centre in Milton Keynes.

The event, held on 8 March to mark International Women’s Day 2016, brought together Securitas colleagues from across the business to take part in a day of discussion and learning about what diversity really means and why it is important to the success of the business.

Throughout the day, guests heard from inspirational men and women who shared their success stories, explaining how they were able to challenge the industry they work in through initiatives that built diversity within their own organisation. Speakers included Barry Boffy, Diversity & Inclusion Manager for British Transport Police and coach, trainer and clinical psychologist Ros Taylor, who develops the leadership potential of employees across the globe through her self-formulated ‘Just Leadership’ programme.

Additionally the delegates took part in thought-provoking workshops to develop new internal initiatives that will promote diversity and encourage people from different backgrounds to join the company.

Securitas HR Director, Karen Morris-Lanz, said: “Our aim is to encourage people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to consider security as a career. Our workforce and working patterns are changing and we value diversity as one of the most fundamental building blocks for creating a successful modern business.”

Brian Riis Nielsen

Country President, Brian Riis Nielsen, added: “Diversity is crucial to our business and if we are to build genuine partnerships, we need to reflect our diverse customer base.  We do that by ensuring our business can attract people from all parts of society and once they work for us, they feel our culture is inclusive and their contribution will be valued. Of course, diversity isn’t just about women, but we wanted to take advantage of this global celebration day to recognise women in our industry and the unique contribution they bring to the workplace.”

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