Security firm makes £22,000 fuel saving by introducing fleet management technology

London, 23 August 2011 – Fleet management technology has helped a leading security installation company reduce its fuel consumption by 12,000 litres in just 12 months.

Christie Intruder Alarms (CIA) introduced a TomTom fleet management solution to cut fuel costs, simplify admin and prove vehicle usage for tax purposes by accurately differentiating business from private mileage.

“Through improved routing between customers, reduced engine idling by avoiding traffic congestion, reduced speeding and the better allocation of vehicles to jobs, the company has recorded an outstanding £22,000 saving over the course of one year,” said Andy Jenkins, CIA Technical Director.

“The system has made our business more efficient and improved our environmental impact.”

CIA, which operates a fleet of 80 vehicles and boasts a 100-strong workforce, has installed TomTom tracking units paired with GO navigation devices for two-way messaging and live traffic information through TomTom’s HD Traffic service.

Audible alarms on the sat nav devices prompt drivers to switch them on when they enter their vehicles and to select whether they are making private or business journeys. CIA has also mounted the devices in the dash for ease of use.

Business mileage reports can then be generated by management at the touch of a button within TomTom’s fleet management software system, WEBFLEET.

CIA is also generating daily WEBFLEET reports on driver speeds, enabling them to work with drivers to correct the behaviour for those found guilty of regularly flouting speed limits. In addition, the company is using the system to improve customer service.

“Our customers love it,” added Andy. “Being in a position to provide them with accurate arrival times has been fantastic.”

Hampshire-based Christie Intruder Alarms is the South Coast’s leading security company with more than 50,000 installations.

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