Counter Terror Expo 2013 – Operation Fairway

Counter Terror Expo 2013
Counter Terror Expo 2013

In this week’s feature, Counter Terror Expo 2013 looks at the latest news from one of it’s exhibitors, Operation Fairway.

Fairway is one of the key intelligence-gathering operations for the UK, it is coordinated nationally by the Counter Terrorism Command at New Scotland Yard.

Fairway’s remit is to detect, deter or disrupt terrorist activity and has particular responsibility for three operations:

  • Lightning (hostile reconnaissance, and infiltration)
  • Trammel (the use of forged documents) and,
  • Camion (potential vehicle borne improvised explosive devices by the use of liveried vehicles).

Operation Lightning aims to identify terrorists carrying out hostile reconnaissance, i.e. surveillance, at, or near prominent or potentially vulnerable structures or buildings – including crowded places such as shopping centre’s, pubs, clubs, airports, and the transport infrastructure.

Suspicious behaviour can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including: Unusual questions about security measures, facilities, layout of rooms at a particular location, close attention being given to entry/exit areas, stairwells, hallways, fire escapes, unusual movement of vehicles near public buildings, structures or bridges.

Operation Trammel targets the use by terrorists of forged or fraudulent documents to facilitate their travel or to assist them in their attack preparation.

Supported by the National Document Fraud Unit, Fairway officers are now delivering document awareness workshops for the human resources and recruitment departments of companies which operate in the crowded place environment or are considered to be vulnerable to terrorist attack. The aim is to increase their knowledge of identity documents and the potential for their abuse.

The workshop includes an opportunity to examine counterfeit and genuine identity documents to gain a better understanding of security features and how to spot a fake.

These two hour workshops are free of charge and include a presentation by specially trained officers from the Operation Fairway team.

Police are also keen to gather information as part of Operation Camion, which is designed to identify and deal with individuals engaged in the theft or misuse of vehicles that support international terrorist groups.

The types of vehicles which are of concern are:

  • Any liveried vehicle that might be allowed access to sensitive or vulnerable premises because of their appearance.
  • Fuel tankers and vehicles containing hazardous materials.

Such vehicles have been used in terrorist attacks around the world.

For more information on any of these subjects and to discover how we can help you to better protect your company, come and meet the Fairway Team on stand number D40 at the Counter Terror Expo, 24th – 25th April 2013, you must pre register in advance at their website to pass through the relevant security checks.