Why Security Companies Should Be Thinking About Lights.

In his first blog for infologue.com, John Keohane, CEO of Verde LED, highlights how LED lighting can help businesses not only by reducing costs but also help from a security point of view

 “The LED Lighting industry has changed a lot since we started Verde LED back in 2010, at that time we had to educate people about LED Lighting.  It wasn’t as prevalent in the commercial environment as it is now.  Back then, LED lights were mainly used as indicators and for other niche applications, but we could see there was going to be this change in the industry. This seismic shift came when the industry started moving away from fluorescent & metal halide traditional lighting sources to LED.

It has taken time for business owners to realise that energy is a great opportunity to not only become more sustainable by reducing demand, but also increasing bottom line profit.  What was once viewed as a luxury for big companies to invest in, has now become a key part of many businesses’ strategy.

Most people these days realise the energy efficiency of LED lights, even if they may not know their inner workings. LEDs have a lower running cost, lower energy costs as well as minimum maintenance costs as they have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting fixtures.

Lighting may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the security business, however it plays a significant part in keeping buildings and assets safe.

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design: The most obvious reason is that good lighting is an effective deterrent, it discourages crime as it makes it easier to notice if there is someone on site late at night that shouldn’t be.  In the last few years, the growth in the implementation of motion sensors has meant that businesses no longer need to leave the lights on 24/7 but install motion sensors which are activated only when they sense motion or movement in the area.  This is a huge cost saving to the business owner but also a considerable deterrent as a light suddenly coming on provides a massive indicator that someone is on site and can thus deter unwanted or prohibited behaviour that may have gone unnoticed before.

Complementing Security Systems: In many cases, security systems are installed independent of lighting systems which can often lead to high-end security tech let down by the environment it is operating in. This is particularly true of cameras and especially true of systems that rely on facial recognition software. When installing new equipment, it is important to pay attention to the lighting environment and what would be needed to maximise the efficacy of the security system.

Health & Safety: Security companies need to ensure that they are doing everything in their powers to keep their employees safe while they are on site.  LED lights instant-on capabilities mean they can be switched on and off instantly, there is no “warm up” period like old technology lights.  This then translates into brighter, well-lit areas which should then in turn reduce accidents.  There is less chance of someone walking out into a dark warehouse, switching on the lights, and tripping over something while waiting for the lights to come on, with LED’s these lights are on instantly. As mentioned previously, these areas, that may not always need lights on, can be installed with motion sensors to maximize coverage and reduce cost.

An LED Lighting upgrade project can easily have benefits across numerous business functions including HR, Finance, Operations, Facilities, Health & Safety as well as Security.  Good lighting is about so much more than just flicking a switch, good lighting helps improve visibility, safety, security, and even staff comfort levels as they work.