Issue 4: Cutting red tape

Regulation does not have to mean burdensome red tape. SMT and want the industry’s practitioners and companies to bring to the attention of the SIA – and indeed ourselves – those areas where they feel the regulatory process could become more efficient without any loss of integrity. A good example of this is the process whereby a licensed security officer has to repeat the whole licensing process if they require a Public Space Surveillance CCTV operator’s licence. Our understanding is that the only difference in the application process concerns the training element. If this is in fact the case, then surely a training certificate relating to the area of competence is required? Another possible area for discussion is the addition of required competencies for security officer training that allow officers to work as door supervisors. At present, licensed door supervisors can work as licensed security officers, but licensed officers cannot work as licensed door supervisors. Is that right? Returning briefly to the in-house question, the security industry’s premier trade body – the British Security Industry Association – has lobbied vociferously, constantly and commendably for the inclusion of in-house security officers within the Terms and Conditions of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, but thus far with little success. If the SIA has researched the in-house sector, and there is a recognition that this issue does indeed demand to be tackled sooner rather than later, why cannot a formal plan of action be put in place for the industry at large? The SIA will have to put a business case to the Home Office justifying the inclusion of in-house regulation. Your input is vital to this process. It is time for legitimate challenges to be laid before the SIA and Government. We need to cut red tape in Parliament and address such issues – they will not go away.


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