A New International PR Agency Focusing On The Security Industry Launches

Transform PR & Communications has just announced their official launch and their intention to be a security focused agency operating both in the UK and abroad.

Their founding members are composed of seasoned journalists and digital experts who with the help of industry investors aim to bring their vision of providing impactful digital and traditional communications services for global companies working in security, security systems, cyber technology and related industries.

“The international security market is rocketing and yet companies that operate within the space – from SME’s right up to big brands – have almost nowhere to turn for effective, knowledge-based communications support” says Director, Emma Procter.

“Security industry public relations and digital communications require an understanding of the new technology shaping the business, as well as a sensitivity to related issues in certain regions. That’s why our team has been carefully selected for their security know-how and relevant media experience.”

With  the US physical security market set to reach $290.7 Billion by 2025 and the cyber security market set to top $300 billion it is easy to see how when extrapolated globally there would be a demand from security companies for effective messaging in a crowded, highly competitive market space.

While Transform PR & Communications is headquartered in the UK, it currently has satellite offices in the United States, Europe and the UAE.