Bill Butler sends open letter to private security industry

SIA chief executive Bill Butler has written an open letter to licence holders and others in the private security industry to ensure all are properly informed on the future on the SIA. The letter gives assurance that regulation of the private security industry will continue, with Government plans for a phased transition to a new regulatory regime.

The SIA is leading the industry to determine how the private security sectors in the UK will be regulated in the future, ensuring that this builds on the successes of SIA licensing and the Approved Contractor Scheme.

Ministers have said that there will be no major changes to SIA regulation or the Approved Contractor Scheme before the London Olympics 2012. Licence holders must understand that current law remains in place and it is a criminal offence for security operatives and those deploying them to work in licensable activities without a valid SIA licence. The SIA and its partners continue to ensure that the law is properly enforced.

Bill Butler said: “Some of you will be approaching the time to renew your SIA licence, or you may be considering applying for your first licence. I want to assure you that it is my intention to protect the investment you have made in training and your SIA licence. I do not want to see you lose out or be disadvantaged under a new system of regulation.

“As the new arrangements for regulation are developed, it is essential that we hear your views and understand your concerns. I want everyone who holds a licence to have the opportunity to share their opinions with us. When the time is right, I will seek your views through our many communication channels, but I urge you now to keep in touch with us. Staying informed means you can make the right decisions about your future.”

The full letter is published on a new section of the SIA website: Future of Regulation. This will be updated with information on the latest developments and frequently asked questions and answers.

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