BSIA Supports Home Office Burglary Reduction Initiative

The British Security Industry Association was amongst the attendees at the Home Secretary’s summit on burglary reduction yesterday. The summit, entitled ‘Real Help for People in Hard Times’ was chaired by Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, and was attended by organisations including: ACPO, ABI, Age Concern, NUS and Neighbourhood Watch, aiming to find new innovative ways of preventing burglary.

John Bates, BSIA Chief Executive, comments: “The private security industry has played a significant role in bringing down burglary by 55% since 1997* through the installation of intruder alarms, physical security equipment and property marking systems. I hope that through our involvement in this initiative we can make a further impact in keeping burglary levels low during these difficult economic times.”

“Our message to the homeowner remains clear – quality home security can make a real difference in protecting your home from burglary. Whilst it might be tempting to avoid investing in security, the damage, loss and sense of invasion from a burglary can have a long-term effect that should not be underestimated.”

“I am particularly encouraged that the Home Office focus for this initiative is to offer practical support for the most vulnerable. Students and the elderly are amongst those who typically have inadequate security and so are at risk from burglary. It is imperative that we change mindsets to ensure that home security is a prerequisite for any homeowner and that the UK’s most vulnerable are protected from burglary.”

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