Business plan shifts power from government to the people

The Home Office has announced its business plan which sets out radical reform that will change the way that it is held accountable. The announcement continued; the Home Office business plan sets out a radical plan for reform that will change the way we’re held to account for the work we do. It sets out the action we will need to take over the next four years in order to achieve these reforms.

The plan is key to achieving the government’s goal of redistributing power from governments to communities and people. It will give people a greater level of detail on the work government does and help them to make informed choices about the public services they use.

The business plan sets out our vision for the Home Office, our new objectives and the specific priorities which we need to deliver. It puts at the head of our vision the defence of the country against terrorism, securing our borders and controlling immigration, and enabling the police and local communities to step up the fight against crime and antisocial behaviour. It also sets out as clearly and transparently as possible how the department is spending taxpayers’ money.

All government departments’ business plans were published at the same time this morning on the Number 10 website. 

Launching the plans, the Prime Minister said: ‘We are going to take power from government and hand it to people, families and communities – and how we will do that is set out right here in these business plans.’
He went on to say: ‘Each of these business plans does not just specify the actions we will take. It also sets out the information we will publish so that people can hold us to account – plain-English details about the progress of the reforms and the results they are achieving.’

Read the Home Office business plan 2011-2015.
You can read other government departments’ business plans on the Number 10 website.

The plan will be reviewed annually, but updated monthly to show the progress that we’ve made.

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