Door supervisor who refused to wear his SIA licence receives a criminal conviction and loses his licence

Door supervisor, Warren Steele, has had his licence revoked by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) following a conviction, for failing to display his licence whist on duty. Steele was sentenced on 15 September 2017, at Chester Magistrates Court.

Steele, a head door supervisor, was caught on two occasions failing to display his Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence when he was working at a bar near Chester. When SIA investigators confronted Steele, he was less than co-operative.

This is an important condition, as it demonstrates to the public that the door supervisors they see at bars and clubs are properly licensed and regulated. The SIA revoked Steele’s licence as a result of his non-compliance.

Pete Easterbrook, the SIA Criminal Investigations Manager said: “Warren Steele thought that the conditions attached to his SIA licence didn’t apply to him. He didn’t want to listen to SIA Investigators’ advice when we spoke to him, and instead displayed an attitude that was both disappointing and concerning. The vast majority of operatives working within the security industry engage positively with the SIA and our partners. However, the circumstances of this case meant that we considered prosecution to be entirely appropriate.”

Wrexham County Chief Inspector, David Jolly said: “The prosecution of Steele demonstrates the effective partnership between the North Wales Police licensing team, the Local Authority and the SIA. The irresponsible behaviour by Steele undermines all the fantastic work that workers in the night time economy undertake to ensure that the public can enjoy themselves.”

This case began in February 2017 when SIA Investigators, in conjunction with North Wales Police Licensing Team, were conducting checks in the Connah’s Quay area. When investigators challenged Steele over not displaying his licence, he answered that he didn’t think he should have to. The SIA team and the police warned him that failing to display his SIA licence constituted a breach of his licence conditions.

On 23 June 2017, the SIA criminal investigations team were carrying out licence checks again in the Connah’s Quay area. They came across Steele who was still not displaying his licence, despite having been told in February to do so. Consequently, the SIA decided to prosecute Steele for ignoring the licensing conditions.

The court heard that Steele, a head door supervisor, had held SIA licences for a number of years, and should therefore have been aware of the SIA licensing conditions.

As a result, Steele has had his licence revoked and was issued with a conditional discharge for 6 months. He was also ordered to pay costs of £250 and a victim surcharge of £20.

Pete Easterbrook, the SIA Criminal Investigations Manager also said: “SIA licence holders have both a responsibility and a legal obligation to adhere to the conditions of that licence. These are not optional. In this case, failure to comply has resulted in a criminal conviction and a revocation of the individuals SIA licence. Where appropriate we will try to encourage compliance in the first instance. However, we will not hesitate to prosecute those who display a blatant contempt for regulation, and in doing so undermine the safeguards and assurances that regulation provides.”

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