Door supervisors – would physical intervention training help you in your role?

Knowing how to escort people from premises safely is important to door supervisors, who may have to deal with this type of situation as part of their role. Disengagement skills are also useful if, for example, a customer has grabbed hold of you.

The Security Industry Authority developed physical intervention training that is included in the nationally-recognised door supervisor training. It is a compulsory part of the new qualification introduced last year.

However, it is not just available to those who are qualifying now. If you trained prior to the introduction of the new qualification, you can take this training on a voluntary basis as the physical intervention training is offered as a stand-alone unit. By taking this unit, you can make sure you are aware of how to use these techniques, helping you to manage difficult situations with minimal risk of injury to yourself and members of the public.

The unit comprises a day’s training and is widely available. Existing Door Supervision licence holders are eligible to take this module. To access the training, you can find a training provider in your area by checking the list on the SIA website. The provider will be able to advise you of the location of the training and how much it will cost.

Check the list of training providers here:

SIA Website