Important SIA Review begins this week

All non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs), like the SIA, are subject to periodic substantive reviews (known until recently as Triennial Reviews).

The review of the SIA begins this week and is being undertaken as part of the Government’s commitment to regular and rigorous reviews of the function and form of public bodies, to improve transparency, accountability and to maximise value for money for the taxpayer.

In the case of the SIA, the review will be carried out on behalf of the Secretary of State by a senior Home Office official who is independent of both the SIA and its sponsorship unit in the Home Office.

All private security industry stakeholders are encouraged to contribute to the review process by completing an online survey.

The call for evidence is open to all interested parties but in particular those with a direct interest in the work of the SIA including employers and employees, local authorities, police forces, other Government departments, the devolved administrations and professional bodies.

SIA Chief Executive Alan Clamp said “The purpose of the review is to identify what we do well, what changes might be required and areas where we could be more effective and efficient.

“This is why we encourage everyone who is involved in the private security industry, at whatever level, to complete the call for evidence.

“This is your industry and this is an opportunity for you to have a say on how the SIA carries out its regulatory duties.”

The on-line survey is available on the Home Office website.

The deadline for responses is 12:00 pm, 18 February 2016.

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