Top 20 UK Companies in the Regulated Security Sector 2010

We have aligned this year’s Top 20 to mirror the regulated private security sector which includes companies operating within the following security disciplines with the exception of Vehicle Immobilisers. The disciplines are Manned Guarding, Cash and Valuables in Transit, Close Protection, Door Supervision, Public Space Surveillance (CCTV), Security Guarding, and Key Holding.

The deal of the year which has yet to be completed was the Securitas acquisition of Reliance Security Services, which we have included for illustration purposes. Securitas moves to second place behind G4S.

The turnover of OCS includes their acquisition of the business of Legion plc. New entrants to the Top 20 include Loomis, CVIT specialists (as a result of the realignment of the scope of the Top 20) and Kingdom Security, who have grown rapidly through a series of acquisitions. During the year major services groups Compass and Rentokil Initial have joined the Top 20 through the acquisitions of VSG and Knightsbridge respectively, turnover has been adjusted to incorporate any increase in turnover as a result of such acquisitions. Top 20 UK Companies in the Regulated Security Sector 2010

Rank Company Name Est Annual Turnover Est Market Share
1 G4S £690,000,000.00 20.91%
2 Securitas Security Services Ltd. £320,000,000.00 9.70%
3 Mitie plc £290,000,000.00 8.79%
4 Vision Security Group Ltd (VSG)(Compass) £170,000,000.00 5.15%
5 OCS Group UK Ltd £130,000,000.00 3.94%
6 Chubb Security Personnel Ltd. £115,000,000.00 3.48%
7 Loomis UK Ltd £110,000,000.00 3.33%
8 The Corps Ltd £78,000,000.00 2.36%
9 Advance Security (UK) Limited £78,000,000.00 2.36%
10 Interserve Plc £70,000,000.00 2.12%
11 ISS Facility Services Limited £62,000,000.00 1.88%
12 The Shield Guarding Co. Ltd. £57,000,000.00 1.73%
13 ICTS UK Ltd £53,000,000.00 1.61%
14 Wilson James Ltd. £52,000,000.00 1.58%
15 Knightsbridge Guarding Ltd (Rentokil Initial) £50,000,000.00 1.52%
16 Carlisle Security £35,000,000.00 1.06%
17 Ultimate Security £30,000,000.00 0.91%
18 Axis Security Ltd £27,000,000.00 0.82%
19 Kingdom Security £24,000,000.00 0.73%
20 AFC Group £24,000,000.00 0.73%
  Estimated Turnover of Top 20 £2,465,000,000 74.70%
  Estimated Turnover of Regulated Security Industry £3,300,000,000 100.00%

The above table is based on estimates and historical published data of annual turnover and should be viewed only as a guide to the approximate size of the largest companies in the manned security industry. The turnover is calculated on annualised basis as of November 2010 and relates only to revenue derived from the regulated sector of the Private Security Industry. Some companies have non related areas of business in their statutory accounts which attempts to estimate and factor out of the estimated turnover. Whilst some companies are now providing information on turnover to all figures will not be accurate as statutory information can be up to two years out of date. welcomes input from the companies in the Top 20 and will amend any verified inaccuracies as soon as possible. Therefore these figures should be treated with caution and be regarded as a best guess. The Top 20 UK Companies in the Regulated Security Sector 2010 is an exclusive production of and may not be replicated without the express written permission of the producers thereof.