Infologue Opinion: SIA Needs To Come Clean On Independent Delivery Review received high interest in our comments in the Annual Review 2008 regarding the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) unwillingness to release the full independent delivery review into the leadership and management. has applied to the SIA for a copy of the review in terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The industry has a right to know what is contained in the independent delivery review. The release of the review coincided with the shock departure of the SIA Chief Executive Mike Wilson by “mutual agreement”. It is inconceivable that in this age of transparent governance a large stakeholder in the SIA, the security industry, is not having sight of this report. This report is a significant indicator on the performance of the leadership of the SIA, in which the industry has invested significant resources. It is concerning that this review has been “airbrushed” (Not mentioned) out of the SIA’s report The SIA in 2008: an overview published on SMT Online. In the SIA’s own document the SIA Stakeholder Engagement Plan – April 2008 – March 2009 it claims that one of its values is  to be “Independent: Transparent, unbiased and accountable; having integrity.” By failing to publish the delivery review we believe the SIA is not being Transparent, unbiased or accountable. The SIA needs to come clean on this review, failure to do so will create mistrust and we believe breaches its own commitment to stakeholders. We have to ask the question; “What is contained in this review that the SIA does not want the industry to see?”