Mitie’s latest acquisition demonstrates the importance of software to security.

August 5th 2019

MITIEIn their latest purchase on the acquisition trail, Mitie Security has acquired the cloud-based software developer Global Aware International Group (GAIG). Their aim in acquiring GAIG is to improve the connectivity of their security services across their business by bringing this former software partner, in-house. GAIG’s software will be familiar to many of Mitie’s clients as it has already been deployed widely amongst their retail security clients.

Global Aware’s software enables clients and users to manage, communicate and audit their security operations across multiple sites simultaneously. Users are also able to set tasks with adjustable time limits as well as escalation procedures. The software is also able to manage incident reporting without the need to refer to operational SOPs in time-critical circumstances. This data can then be shared in real-time with the appropriate stakeholders.

GAIG’s CEO David Evans will join the Mitie Security Senior Management Team with all of GAIG’s staff transferring over.

“Mitie Security continues to gather momentum. Just as security needs continue to evolve, we need to remain one step ahead. Adding GAIG to the Mitie portfolio is just the next evolution in providing our customers the best tech-enabled and intelligence-led security services on the market.”, says Mitie Managing Director,  Jason Towse.

As security evolves and the larger players modernize at a rapid speed, where does this leave SMEs involved in the security industry? The last decade has seen the increased commoditization of security with many buyers seeing security products homogonous and interchangeable. This is arguably the greatest driver behind falling margins, with the larger companies increasingly adopting new technology to differentiate themselves and add value to their offerings.

In order to do the same, it is important that small and medium-sized companies build long-term partnerships with SaaS providers to ensure that they are able to compete. Several companies such as these exist in the UK offering a wide range of services and equally wide price ranges. Which ones suit an individual’s company depends on their requirements.

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