More Than 1,400 Job Centre Security Guards Begin Week Long Strike as Dispute Escalates

Job Centre security guards are punched, attacked and savaged in the neck by dogs, warns GMB Union

More than 1,400 Job Centre security guards begin a weeklong strike in anger at pay rates that see 90% of them paid just the minimum wage.

Security guards employed by G4S across the UK walked out today [Monday] and will stay on strike until Saturday [22 June 2024].,

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has handed G4S £211 million to run security at job centres – despite employment costs being just £161 during the same period. [1]

Eamon O’Hearn, GMB National Officer, commented:

“Job Centre security guards are punched, attacked and savaged in the neck by dogs – just for carrying out their duties. Yet 90 per cent of them struggle to get by on the minimum wage, while G4S trouser millions from the DWP. It’s abhorrent and these strikes will keep escalating unless G4S agrees to pay them a wage they can live on.” 

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