National Security Strategy Unveiled

A|D|S, the UK’s AeroSpace, Defence and Security trade organisation today (Monday) welcomed the publication of the National Security Strategy and stressed the importance of the industry in achieving its goals alongside the Government’s wider economic recovery aims.

Ian Godden, Chairman of A|D|S, said:

“The Government has identified within its new National Security Strategy the broad range of security risks that face the country and against which the nation and its citizens must be protected.  We welcome the strategy and the incorporation of wider security aspects alongside the defence elements of the Strategic Defence and Security Review.  These include the country’s approach to cyber-security, international terrorism, serious organised crime and energy security. These wider elements are important parts of the National Security Strategy and we believe that the security industry has many roles to play in meeting these challenges.

“Security and resilience is a sector that can also benefit the country’s economy.  The UK has strong industrial capabilities and there is great potential for these to produce increased exports and an expanded industrial base in the UK.  A closer partnership between Government and industry will help to deliver national security objectives but it will also help to fulfil the economic potential of a potentially world-leading sector.  The global security market is growing and is estimated to be worth around $140-180bn annually. Industry and Government share the goal of a major uplift in the performance of UK security exports with the Government playing a similar role in security to that played in relation to defence exports.

“Industry looks forward to further developing its dialogue with the Home Office, Cabinet Office and other departments on strengthening co-operation in tackling key threats to national security such as terrorism and cyber attacks.  We also welcome the Government’s renewed focus arising from the SDSR on the resilience of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).  The security supply community has many roles to play in CNI protection and resilience; especially by supporting the emergency services and the operators of the CNI.  The operators are themselves overwhelmingly made up of private sector entities – with capabilities relevant to this crucial element of national security policy.”