Police launch national crime prevention hub online

Crime prevention advice is now available online at www.police.uk – the policing website for England and Wales

ACPO, has joined forces with the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA) and the Home Office to add an important information hub for the millions of visitors to www.police.uk – the policing website for England and Wales.

From today, visitors will be able to benefit from access to expert crime prevention advice in one central and accessible online location. The advice covers internet safety, fraud, child abuse, business security, neighbourhood watch and Crimestoppers.

ACPO lead for e-Crime Prevention, Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde said:

www.police.uk has proven to be an excellent source of information for communities across England and Wales and millions have logged on to find out more about the policing trends and issues in their neighbourhoods.”

“Now, even more information and specialist advice is available at the click of a button.”

“By joining forces with the NPIA and Home Office, we have been able to tap into specialist knowledge from experts across the country to equip members of the public with all the tools they need to keep themselves safe and prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime.”

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