Police launch new national co-ordination centre

Police launched a new national co-ordination centre today which can mobilise police officers and staff in times of need. It will deliver a co-ordinated and professional response to major events, civil emergencies and crises.

The National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC) builds on the successful coordination of national policing resources for London’s Olympic and Paralympic Games last year. It will undertake several functions, including the ability to mobilise specialist resources to a wide range of threats in times of need. It will replace the current Police National Information Coordination Centre (PNICC).

ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde
ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde

ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde said: “The National Police Coordination Centre is an important unit which demonstrates how police forces work together to protect the public.”

“It will deliver a coordinated and professional response to any planned major events, civil emergencies and crises, providing mutual aid and support to forces in times of high demand.”

“The centre will continuously test the capacity of police forces to provide resources when needed and work with colleagues to identify and plan for potential threats.”

“It will also provide support for senior officers and Government crisis management teams in emergencies.”

The centre was opened today by the Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice who commented:

“This new centre will perform a vital role in helping police forces across the country coordinate their resources to effectively respond to civil emergencies and cross-border policing issues.”

“It will ensure that there are teams of trained officers and specialist assets in all forces ready to assist anywhere in the country when called upon.”

“I am sure NPoCC will become a truly indispensable part of the policing landscape.”

NPoCC will use an IT system, called Mercury, which was developed for the management of police resources and mutual aid for the London 2012 Olympic Games and funded by the Home Office.

The centre is currently working on the deployment of officers for the G8 summit in June.

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