Proceeds of Crime order handed down to convicted Shropshire Security company boss.

As a result of a ‘proceeds of crime’ hearing, the imprisoned former owner of a security business located in Shropshire, was ordered to pay £ 3,608.21.

The former owner of Showtime Security Guards, Matthew Davies and a former director, Maria Francis, both appeared at Shrewsbury Crown Court last Friday (Oct 4th). Matthew Davies has been disqualified as a Director and has been ordered to pay £3608.21 within 3 months under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Mr. Davies faces having his sentence increased by a further 2 months should he fail to pay the ordered amount.

Following his prosecution in June 2018 by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), Davies was sentenced to 12 months for perverting the course of justice. Prior to his trial, for supplying unlicensed security offers, Davies had attempted to intimidate witnesses who had given evidence that implicated him. He served half his sentence and was released in December 2018 under supervision, which expires in December.

“Following conviction, we will use our powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act to recover any profit made from criminality, making it harder for individuals to re-enter the industry, and ensuring that crime does really does not pay. The consequences for Matthew Davies have been considerable, and in addition to serving a term of imprisonment following his conviction, he must now return the money he made from his illegal activities and comply with the terms of a director disqualification order.

The behaviour of Matthew Davies, in this case, exposed him as someone who believed he could gain whatever he wanted through intimidation, threats and bullying. Like so many bullies, he applied this tactic to those he encountered in the course of his business, those he employed, witnesses in this case and several others who were unfortunate enough to have dealings with him. I am absolutely clear that there is no place whatsoever for individuals like Davies within a professional and respected security industry. They are simply not welcome, and should carefully consider whether it is the right choice of career for them. Those who do engage in this kind of behaviour, are associated to it, or in any way condone it, can expect to come under very close scrutiny and be dealt with robustly” said the SIA Criminal Investigation Team’s Pete Easterbrook.

Showtime Security Guards provided unlicensed Security personnel to numerous locations including supermarkets, music events, construction sites and social care organizations.

The Drama of Mr. Davies and Showtime began in 2016 when the West Mercia Police were given a tip that criminal activity was being undertaken by the organisation. In July 2017, Davies and Francis were interviewed by the SIA where they became aware that he had contacted witnesses and attempted to prevent them testifying in court. Mr Davies can be heard referring to witnesses being “ripped apart in court” and “plagued” on voice recordings that were entered into evidence.

Maria Francis, the former showtime Director, was given a 12 month conditional discharge upon pleading guilty in 2018 and will face a ‘proceeds of crime’ hearing on October 25th at Shrewsbury Crown Court.