Royal Military Police enlists British forensic technology from Radio Tactics for frontline mobile phone examinations

Radio Tactics Ltd, the specialist innovator of high-tech digital intelligence and evidence gathering solutions has signed a significant deal with the Royal Military Police (“RMP”), the Army’s specialist division for Investigations and Policing to roll out Aceso in locations across the UK and internationally.

Radio Tactics has tailored the Aceso units specifically for the RMP, fitting them perfectly to fulfill the requirements of the force.

Aceso and Aceso Field are pioneering products that rapidly extract evidentially sound data from mobile phones, digital devices, SIM and media cards. Aceso Field has the added benefit that it is fully portable, providing personnel on the front line with instant access to the often vital information that Aceso can recover. The extensive audit trail and unique keycard access system Aceso provides ensures that the RMP is confident in maintaining the most stringent level of security in all its operations.

The RMP deploy as part of the field army, supporting all MoD operations at home and overseas. The force is responsible for policing the military community worldwide, as service personnel are subject to English criminal law wherever they are serving.

Andy Gill, CEO of Radio Tactics commented:
“The information that seized mobile phones hold can prove vital to ongoing enquiries and may provide essential leads, so personnel need a solution that can rapidly access and retrieve it whilst retaining its evidential integrity. Through Aceso, Radio Tactics is proudly providing the British forces with homegrown technology in order to achieve this.
“We are looking forward to working further with the MoD to develop this partnership and evolve our solutions in line with the ever changing needs of the armed forces.”

Major Keith Miller, Officer Commanding the Service Police Crime Bureau, of the RMP added:
“Forensic analysis of evidence is a critical element of any investigation. With the ever increasing demands by the Service Prosecuting Authority and High Court for evidential integrity and speed of analysis, it is essential that we are able to respond both quickly and with confidence to the investigative team; Aceso offers this.

“In an effort to reduce pressure on the RMP High-Tech Crime Team (HTCT) and at the same time speed up the process of the investigation, RMP have looked to Aceso to provide a front line capability for the more routine activity. This will alleviate the demands on the HTCT and offer a rapid analysis of mobile phones by the investigator at source.

“All RMP Companies around the world will soon be in possession of the Aceso, with specialist areas receiving the Aceso Field (Special Investigations Branch (SIB) and Afghanistan). Radio Tactics has remained very fluid to our personal requirements and the collaboration will no doubt prove to be of immense benefit over the coming years throughout the Service and Home Office Police Forces.”

Radio Tactics customers include all arms of the British criminal justice system, military and commercial organisations in the UK and internationally. Radio Tactics is able to customise its products to the specification of the client, allowing every product to reach its optimum potential for the end user. With its team of highly dedicated specialists, Radio Tactics offers comprehensive support to every client on an individual basis.

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