Securitas launches social networking website as a business-critical tool

Securitas has developed and launched an internal operating website known as My Securitas as a means of promoting increased knowledge sharing and offering better opportunities for internal networking within the Group. To date, approximately 4,000 Securitas managers in more than 40 markets worldwide have been given access to this business-critical tool, and the intention is to expand this group in the near future.

My Securitas is a modern operating tool containing exclusively user-generated content that will seem familiar to experienced Internet users. Using a networking function resembling Facebook, employees can form internal networks and groups, for example, for various customer segments. A knowledge bank with a wiki format is also being developed for the areas of security, the security industry, customer segments and best practices, which will enable all employees with access to the internal website to search for and add information or make changes to the existing information in the system. My Securitas also contains a more traditional intranet section with centrally distributed information.

“I usually say that if Securitas knew what Securitas already knows, it would provide us with considerable strength and a crucial competitive edge. We have now created the infrastructure to make this happen. We consider My Securitas to be a business-critical tool that will strengthen our role as the knowledge leader in the field of security and give us an opportunity to further improve our ability to offer our customers worldwide high-quality security service,” says Alf Göransson, President and CEO of Securitas.

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