SIA to reduce fees for all individual licenses

September 11th 2019

On Tuesday 11th September 2019, the Security Industry Authority officially announced it’s intention to lower the costs of all individual licenses. In a move which is unusual for a government regulator, the SIA has stated that from the 1st October 2019, licenses fees across all sectors will be reduced from £220 to £210.

This reduction will be extended to both new applications and license renewals. License holders applying for an additional license after this date will pay 50% of the newly reduced fee.

While the £10 reduction may not seem that significant by itself, it is interesting to note that the original price was set in January 2012 and has not been adjusted since. While the cost of living has increased in the UK and inflation has caused prices to rise in most areas, a reduction in cost is noteworthy, particularly given the current air of instability in the country.

Of this decision, Elizabeth France, SIA Chairman said, “We have held current fee levels for seven years, and I am very pleased to now announce this reduction. We continue to seek improvements in the way we run the SIA and provide value for money for license holders, approved contractors and the public”.

This move comes at a time where both the SIA and the security industry at large are trying to promote security as a profession rather than a means to an end. A number of current initiatives are being rolled out to develop a career path for security personnel and no doubt this action is aimed at lowering the barriers to entry for prospective talent.