SIA’s Herden Appointed As Chief Executive Of National Fraud Strategic Authority

The current interim Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Dr Bernard Herdan CB has been appointed as Chief Executive of the new National Fraud Strategic Authority (NFSA), Baroness Scotland, and the Attorney General, announced today. He will take up the post on 1 April 09 succeeding interim chief executive Sandra Quinn, who is presently on secondment from the Financial Services Authority.

Dr Herdan will take forward the development of the NFSA, which became operational in October last year, in its crucial work in co-ordinating anti-fraud activities across the public, private and voluntary sectors. Supported by the NFSA, the Government will unveil a first national fraud strategy next month. The NFSA is an executive agency of the Attorney General’s Office. The permanent role of Chief Executive of the SIA will be advertised in the press at the weekend. The new permanent Chief Executive of the SIA will be the third CE since it launch in April 2003, succeeding Mike Wilson and John Saunders excluding two interim Chief Executives, the incumbent Bernard Herdan and Andy Drane.

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