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Christian Hviid Headshot - G4S
Christian Hviid – What makes Close Protection Officers Exceptional
Christian Hviid leads G4S’s close protection business in Denmark and with 14 years’ experience in close protection, security and an extensive policing background. A VIP CEO of a large Japanese technology company is travelling to a country on business and the best Close Protection Officer (CPO) is hired to keep him safe. The businessman’s movements are planned meticulously; The journey from the airport to the hotel; the hotel to a discreet upmarket restaurant for an important dinner meeting; back to the hotel; hotel to his m...
The SIA announces changes to the new Close Protection Qualification Launch Date
Change to the launch date for the new Close Protection qualification The SIA has extended the introduction of the updated Close Protection qualification to 01 April 2022. The new implementation date will allow for full testing of the new skills before they are introduced. They will run a pilot in early 2022 with selected training centres. This will enable those delivering the qualification to provide feedback on the new bespoke physica...