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The STM Group (UK) appoints new Director of Cleaning and Corporate Services

On the 29th of May 2020, UK based security and facilities service provider, the STM Group, announced the appointment of Chris Gibbs as their new Director of Cleaning and Corporate Services. The STM Group, long recognised for their work in transport and rail security has undergone a restructuring following the appointment of new CEO, Paul Jacomb.

Following the appointment of Mr Gibbs,...

The Security Institute announces the appointment of new Vice Chairman
13th August 2019 The Security Institute (SyI) has just appointed Jonathan Shulten FSyl as their new Vice Chairman. Prior to this, Jonathan served on the institute’s Validation board for many years. The board is responsible for benchmarking applicant’s experience, training, qualifications and commitment to the profession. As Vice Chairman, Jonathan will serve a 3-year term. He will be joining the 14 other voluntary directors on the Securi...