A new cost effective ANPR solution for commercial security applications from Vigilant Systems

Vigilant Systems, a leading British designer and manufacturer of DVR solutions, has announced the immediate availability of Vigilant Plate Manager, a new integrated ANPR solution.  This powerful new ANPR solution provides advanced functionality whilst costing up to 25% less than traditional systems and enables the delivery of higher levels of security in a wide range of applications including access control and parking.

Vigilant Plate Manager speeds up the flow of vehicles, particularly at high traffic volume locations, as well as enhancing existing security processes.  The system automatically recognises authorised vehicles using the latest license plate recognition technology before raising the access barrier or opening the gate to allow them to enter.  It is faster than using traditional swipe cards and delivers higher levels of security as it restricts entry to pre authorised vehicles.  It also eliminates all the security concerns resulting from lending swipe cards to other people.

According to Paul Meredith, Technical Director of Vigilant Systems:  “This cost effective ANPR solution will enable organisations to ramp up their security procedures in a wide range of commercial and government applications.  Vigilant Plate Manager delivers market leading functionality and full integration with existing CCTV security systems whilst costing significantly less than other comparable systems.”

As well as recording the time and date each time a vehicle passes through the system, Vigilant Plate Manager records full video footage of all movements.   Video footage can be quickly located on the system using a wide range of criteria including registration number, time and date to speed up the replay process in the event of an investigation and the stored data can be used to generate a wide range of management reports.  Vehicles can be tagged to individual drivers to track performance as well as giving greater control over access.

Vigilant Plate Manager also provides a valuable damage limitation tool that will enable organisations to reduce the incidence of claims in car parking applications, particularly the long-term secure car parks where drivers must leave their keys with parking staff to enable vehicles to be moved during their stay.  The system captures high quality video footage showing the condition of vehicles as they enter or exit as well as, subject to camera coverage, any movements throughout the duration of the stay.  It also adds additional levels of security by enabling operators to set audible alerts should vehicles enter or exit a site outside authorised times and dates. 

Vigilant Plate Manager can be used to control access through single or multiple barriers or gate locations.  It is compatible with Vigilant Systems’ complete range of DVRs and CCTV cameras including Walzcam, a new infrared camera system designed specifically for license plate capture in parking and access control applications.

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