Abloy UK wins contract with QE Hospital Birmingham


Security expert Abloy UK, in conjunction with leading medical manufacturer Bristol Maid, has won a new contract with the prestigious Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital Birmingham to install PROTEC2 CLIQ and Traka21 systems across all of its wards.

The roll out across the hospital follows a successful trial on the ambulatory (day case surgery) ward, where around 20 cabinets were fitted with PROTEC2 CLIQ locks, working in conjunction with two Traka21 key management systems.

PROTEC2 CLIQ is an easy to use access control system based on mechanical high security disc cylinders combined with highly encrypted electronic locking and identification.

Power to the lock is provided by the CLIQ key, therefore no batteries or wires are required to either the lock or drug cabinet, making it an ideal retrofit solution – even for applications such as mobile drug trolleys.

The system allows for remote key management, providing comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks, and the ability to remove lost or stolen keys from the system, substantially increasing the security of controlled drugs.

PROTEC2 CLIQ was combined with the Traka21 key management system, which allows nurses to gain access to a single key for the duration of their shift, by simply entering a PIN code to access a specific key that they then validate by entering it into the CLIQ Wall programming unit.

Inderjit Singh, Chief Pharmacist at QE Birmingham, said: “The benefits gained by the system include increased nursing efficiency, due to the enhanced key management provided. In addition to this, medicine management is improved, as both elements of the system provide audit trails, and access rights can be easily granted or removed. What’s more, it offers value, as it doesn’t take a significant amount of capital resources to install the system, and it can be retrofitted to cupboards that are already in place.”

Shaun Powell, Sales Manager at Abloy UK, added: “The contract with QE Hospital Birmingham is the latest in a number of installations of PROTEC2 CLIQ and Traka21 in healthcare sites across the UK. It’s fantastic to see the system gaining recognition for the security and efficiency benefits it provides, and Abloy is proud to be helping the NHS function more effectively. We will begin to install the system across all of the wards and theatres at QE Birmingham over the coming weeks.”

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