Croma Security targets Iraq, Afghanistan

A British security company is marketing a new high-tech personal identification system in Iraq and Afghanistan that the company says can help save lives.

Croma Security Systems says its new technology could weed out potential terrorists who attempt to infiltrate the armed forces in war-torn states.

In Afghanistan, there have been numerous deaths after Afghani soldiers fighting alongside the allies, turned on their comrades.

CSS’s FastVein Biometric System identifies the veins in people’s fingers and could quickly identify impostors posing as soldiers.

The FastVein system was successfully used by Dorset police during the Olympics.

CSS said its system could reduce the risks for personnel serving in the police and security services in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

FastVein is already being used by 18 HM prisons and immigration removal centres. It is also deployed in St George’s Hospital to identify staff.

Roberto Fiorentino, chief executive of Croma Security Systems, said: “I have never seen a system as reliable, fast and accurate as this latest technology. It really is groundbreaking.”

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