Gallagher launches pioneering security technology at Counter Terror Expo

Gallagher, the internationally established experts in security systems technology, will use Counter Terror Expo, held 24 – 25 April 2013 at London Olympia, to introduce a full suite of its innovative security solutions.

Joining the company’s comprehensive product portfolio is the Z10 Dynamic Tension Sensor, which offers the next generation of taut wire type technology to perimeter security. Developed with a superior, intelligent, attack sensor and seamless integration into the Gallagher Command Centre, the Z10 overcomes shortcomings in conventional taut wire technologies, providing outstanding fence wire disturbance detection. When combined with other Gallagher detection and deterrent technologies a highly effective, layered, multi-technology perimeter solution can be created.

The recently released Gallagher Command Centre 7.10 offers a highly resilient and flexible solution. The upgraded system resides on an organisation’s IT network and integrates electronic access control, intruder alarms management, perimeter security and compliance management in a single scalable platform, providing situational awareness together with comprehensive command & control. Enhanced flexibility is the keynote of v7.10 with new features including cardholder and activity reporting. Re-usable reports can be created in minutes using filters that are powerful yet simple to configure, ensuring that the right people receive the right information at the right time.

Completing this exclusive line up, the all new K20 Tensioner Link System offers an easier installation procedure and improved reliability, thereby resulting in lower operation and maintenance costs for the user. Further key features of the system include high durability, achieved through high quality materials and coatings, and the potential to retro fit the upgraded technology with existing Gallagher electric security fences. Pivot Mount Technology enables the tensioner components to cope with a number of installation ‘scenarios’ such as: end strains, elevation strain, corner strains and in line strains.

Used together with Pivot Mount Technology, the K20 Tensioner Link System demonstrates how increasingly consistent security can be achieved – it is created with a centralised connection point for all hardware meaning that the link position, and therefore climb protection, cannot be compromised by poor installation or maintenance practices. An improved design and appearance, which has been designed to be easily upgraded to the Z10 system when higher security is required, are further benefits.

Combining the company’s extensive knowledge of the security market, its expertise in secure data management and systems integration, and the support of its certified channel partners, Gallagher offers a complete a complete suite of innovative security solutions that can be fully integrated and securely managed.

At 12.45pm today, in the Counter Terror Expo Perimeter Protection and Intrusion Detection Workshop, Gallagher will present the topic ‘Extending perimeter security beyond the fence line’.