Geonovo GPS personal tracking device reaches new heights

Bill Moore and David Mason

Geonovo Ltd can report new heights of success for the RSP-100 with the news that it successfully worked at 17,388ft (5,300m) above sea level.

Geonovo’s Chairman, David Mason and Finance Director, Bill Moore, recently completed a trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and took the opportunity to verify that the RSP-100 was able to work effectively, even in one of the most remote parts of the world.

“It did seem amazing that the RSP100 worked in such a remote area. We were not however totally surprised as it had already been proven that the high sensitivity GPS based technology incorporated into the RSP-100 is able to take full advantage of the global positioning network,” said David Mason. “Nevertheless, because of the altitude, the trekking was very hard at times and it was reassuring to know that we were being tracked and could get help if we needed it.”

The RSP-100 can also be used as a mobile phone and so with the help of a GSM base station recently installed at Gorak Shep, trekkers to Everest can now stay in touch with friends and relatives.

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