New NSI training course for guarding services companies

NSINSI has introduced a new Guarding Services training course for Site Surveying and Assignment Instructions.

This course will be of particular interest to those individuals who are required to understand the principles of conducting a methodical site survey and are responsible for producing proportionate risk assessments and translating those findings into a set of working assignment instructions. For organisations complying with BS 7499 and BS 7984,  it will come as a welcome addition to the NSI Training portfolio.

The Site Survey and Assignment Instructions course will take place at NSI HQ in Maidenhead with on-site training also available upon request.

Tracey Leadbeater, NSI Training Development Manager, commented “We are extremely excited about the latest addition to our popular NSI Training courses and are confident it will provide those individuals working within the Guarding Services Sector with key skills to help demonstrate their compliance with the relevant British Standards.”

The first course will be held on 24th June 2014, in Maidenhead and will contribute towards an individual’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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