Panasonic Cyber Security Platform Scoops IFSEC Excellence Award

Panasonic’s secure communication platform has been named as the holistic security system of the year at IFSEC’s Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2018.

The package of cybersecurity deterrents was developed to mitigate the risk of attacks on IP surveillance systems and protects against video tampering, altering, spoofing and snooping.

All firmware is encrypted to reduce the possibility of it being downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and deconstructed, while an embedded Linux operating system removes unused features on the device which could be easily exploited. This reduces the attack surface, and the chances of malicious entities searching for backdoors and/or inserting malicious codes.

Password protection is also improved and requires a unique, complex password to complete the installation set up. Default passwords are a known weakness for IP technology and have resulted in over 70,000 security cameras being viewable to anyone online.

The technology has been tested thoroughly by ethical hackers prior to release to ensure that it is fit for purpose to provide our customers with complete peace of mind.

Karen Sangha, Field Marketing Manager at Panasonic Security Solutions said, “We are combining a third party certificate and technology for detecting and analysing cyber-attacks with our in-house embedded cryptography technology. The result is a now award-winning, secure and robust protection layer embedded within our surveillance products.”