Pilgrims Group – New Online eGuarding Training Delivers Hard Benefits for Clients

Bill Freear - Managing Director of Pilgrims Group Ltd
Bill Freear - Managing Director of Pilgrims Group Ltd

Staff demonstrate 40% increase in knowledge and ability says Pilgrims Group

A programme of training for security guards known as eGuarding™, developed by security and risk management specialist Pilgrims Group Limited to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced in the sector, is delivering significant benefits for its clients, reveals the company.

The new interactive online training package was developed in-house and launched in August last year. In recent tests, staff who undertook the training showed a 40% increase in their knowledge and ability to apply the learning to real life situations in their day-to-day jobs.

David Freear, Pilgrims Group Chief Operating Officer, explains: “We developed the training in response to a number of challenges which can be found within the manned guarding industry, which includes lack of continuous training, not being up to speed with standard operating procedures together with the routine and monotony of the role, all of which can ultimately mean guards may not be as alert and ready to deal with emergencies as they could be.”

The training system was developed to be simple, strongly visual, engaging and interactive, covering all the key skills and competencies required. The guards can complete the course around their jobs.

“What we have created is unique and innovative. There is nothing like it out there,” Freear adds: “We sought to create something which challenges guards to think, to understand how their roles fit into the wider picture and provide regular assessments and practice. We wanted the guards to feel more motivated and further engaged with our clients’ businesses and therefore not just happier at work but, crucially, more responsive.”

The package is now part of a major programme of training, tracking, exams and competencies which are monitored and lead to a Pilgrims Competency Licence. To maintain their currency and continue to hold their licences, each officer must complete and pass an online assessment and exam on a regular basis.

David Humm, Security Manager for one of Pilgrims pharmaceutical clients’ sites, was one of the first to complete the training. Humm comments: “When I was informed that Pilgrims was developing an E-Learning package I hoped it would be interactive, progressive and, most importantly, offer me something job specific and relevant to my role. My team and I were fortunate to have had the opportunity to trial the system before it was rolled out through the company. I was really impressed with the work which had been put into the whole concept. I found the platform easy to navigate and operate and, thankfully, it’s not remotely boring as it really captures the user’s imagination.”

David Freear continues: “One of the major benefits to clients is the training can be tailored to their company’s requirements, which means they can have an interactive training package that is bespoke, covering the specific threats and issues the business may face.”

The system is being continually developed with further enhancements being incorporated across 2014/ 2015.

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