Predator turns the spotlight on night time crime

The latest CCTV Camera from 360 Vision Technology is literally putting its hat on to deter night time crime. The UK designed and built Predator new ‘hat’ offers dual light technology and is set to provide CCTV operators with an innovative new colour at night crime busting tool.

Gone are they days that CCTV operators were powerless and had to just sit watching a crime unfold, or at best call and wait for responders on the ground while helplessly watching; Predator now allows the operator to take direct action and shine a high intensity spotlight on night time crime, fast.

With both infrared and now high intensity white light onboard, the Predator dual light offers superb colour images in total darkness, thanks to the white light ‘hat’ can offer full colour images and the ability to follow the subject at the touch of a button in the control room. When the Predator’s high intensity white light is fired, the camera ‘locks in’ the colour, aiding the identification, deterrent and quality of images being provided to the police and is effective up to an impressive 100m.

Commenting on this new British developed and patented technology, 360 Vision Technology Sales Manager, Adrian Kirk, said: “Having worked closely with CCTV managers over many years, often their frustration is getting a rapid response on the ground to incidents being monitored in the control room. This problem isn’t going to magically solve itself, so we’re trying to solve it for them; empowering the operators to be able to fire up a directional high intensity white light should have a significant impact in deterring crime and making perpetrators think twice.”

The effectiveness of the white light is achieved by harnessing human nature. It is instinctive to look towards a light that is suddenly and unexpectedly turned on, which as colour locks in, provides the perfect opportunity to get excellent facial recognition of the suspects.

It is widely accepted that CCTV cameras alone are often not enough to deter crime and while public address systems have often proved very successful in warding off crime, with Predator there is now a simpler and more cost-effective option available.

“The high intensity white light is a simple way to let the subject know they are being monitored and will deter the majority to move on,” added Adrian. “A public address system while effective can be an impractical and cost prohibitive solution, whereas the high intensity white light is simplicity itself.”

Adrian is currently approaching the local authority marketplace demonstrating the advantages of the Predator camera and its new hat. Predator requires no additional cabling, which allows existing fixed or wireless infrastructures to be used which cuts down on cost, while all Predator cameras can accommodate all major protocols allowing a simple ‘swap out’ to existing camera positions.

Predator also benefits from 360 Vision’s patented ‘green technology’, which only switches on the low power, high intensity lighting when it is so dark that the camera needs it. This is a far more cost effective and ‘green’ solution when compared with the timers, inaccurate light sensors or manual control still employed on less sophisticated cameras. Councils up and down the country are already committed to reductions of their carbon footprint and the fact that Predator only illuminates the specific area the camera is focused on rather than illuminating the whole site means lower costs in terms of lighting, cabling and electricity.

The added benefit of the Predator range is its sheer ruggedness – delivering high performance in a low maintenance package that is expected to feature extensively in public space CCTV schemes over the months ahead as current systems come to the end of their service life. Predator provides a viable and rugged alternative to the normal commercial grade dome cameras which can be costly to maintain and more vulnerable to attack.

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