Samsung launch new generation of 960H technology DVRs

The three new models in Samsung’s SRD series of DVRs offer an instant upgrade in the recording resolution and display of images captured by industry standard analogue cameras.

All three models utilise innovative 960H technology to provide the opportunity to take full advantage of the high quality images offered by 650TV line cameras and, according to Peter Ainsworth, Senior Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, they represent a new standard in digital video recording. “There are countless existing CCTV systems which include cameras that are able to capture high quality colour images at 650TV lines, but the images are being recorded on DVRs which are only capable of playing back the recorded images at 480TV lines,” said Peter.  “By simply swapping these DVRs with models equipped with 960H technology, users can now achieve an immediate improvement in the resolution of the live or recorded images that can be displayed on a high definition monitor. We believe this method of upgrading an existing analogue system will prove to be very popular among customers who do not yet have sufficient reason to change to a Video over IP system, or where investment in the latest generation of high definition cameras can be justified.”

With HDMI available as a main monitor video output, images in a 16 way-split screen can each be displayed at considerably clearer 480 x 270 resolution compared to what is possible with an SD video output which can only display each images in the same format at 176 x 120 resolution, whilst the 4-way split offers four 960 x 540 resolution. The images can be monitored in various split screen modes, including the option to display on the same screen large images from selected cameras and smaller images captured at less important locations.

The eight channel SRD-873D and sixteen channel SRD-1673D are both able to record 650TVL in real-time across all of their channels, whilst the SRD-1653D offers half real-time 650TVL recording across its 16 channels. All models feature enhanced network bandwidth of up to 32Mbp, which is four times faster than can normally be expected from industry standard DVRs. This ensures that there is no ‘jitter’ or distortion in the display of video transmitted over a network, and with the support of license-free Samsung Security Manager (SSM) centralized monitoring software, users can view live, event, alarm and playback images from anywhere on the network, as well as via a web viewer or Smartphone.

A tamper detection feature generates an alarm when there is unexpected movement of a camera e.g. redirection, vandalism or defocusing. The SRD-1673D and SRD-1653D include sixteen audio channels in/single audio channel out and the SRD-873D eight audio channels in/single audio channel out.  Other key features include Smart searching, four channel privacy masking and video loss detection, whilst for efficient use of HDD storage all three DVRs offer motion or event based recording.

The innovative design of the SRD-1673D, SRD-1653D and SRD-873D, includes a modern looking front panel, touch pad and jog shuttle for easy and simple playback operation.