Samsung Techwin introduce WiseNetIII 2MP Full HD Network mobile flat dome camera

The latest addition to Samsung Techwin’s WiseNetIII 2MP Full HD (1080P) network range is a vandal-resistant camera which has been designed to meet the challenging conditions on-board trains, buses and other modes of public transport.

The SNV-6012M mobile flat camera, which complies with the EN50155 standard, is able to operate reliably when subject to the rigorous conditions and extreme vibrations which can occur on-board and it also meets the EN50121 standard which covers electromagnetic emissions in railway environments.  The SNV-6012M is IP66 rated and is equipped with a rugged M12 connector that is able to withstand vibration and harsh weather environments.

Utilising  bandwidth friendly H.264 compression with the option to also use MJPEG compression, the SNV-6012M can capture high quality colour images when the lighting level is as low as 0.03 lux and  has an ultra fast frame rate of 60fps at 1080p which results in latency free clear images. This can be particularly beneficial in a scene with moving subjects by ensuring image edges are kept sharp and clear, whilst Samsung’s Motion Artefact Reduction technology also ensures there is no motion blur.

A Defog feature can be used to help improve the clarity of images captured in poor weather conditions such as rain, smoke or fog, whilst Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) negates the effects of vibration. This also greatly reduces the rolling shutter effects such as image wobbling or skew that can be seen in high quality images.

The enhanced Wide Dynamic Range built into the WiseNetIII DSP chipset, with performance greater than 120dB, can accurately produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas.

The SNV-6012M is also ONVIF compliant to work with all types of recording and viewing solutions, creating the solution that matches your requirements.