Securitas launches the mobile travel application Safe Trip

Securitas has developed, in cooperation with subsidiary Seccredo and the advertising agency Peacock, a mobile travel assistance application, Safe Trip, which is available as of today from Apple’s App Store and the Android Market.

In the approaching vacation season, many people will be leaving their home countries and journeying abroad. To share its security know-how, Securitas has produced Safe Trip in order to contribute advice and tips that make travel safer.

Safe Trip is a travel guide that assists travelers with their preparations to ensure that their travels will be as safe as possible. It informs them about the particular risks that may occur during their journey, so that travelers can feel safer – regardless of whether the trip is a vacation or for business. Safe Trip contains a tool through which a user can analyze his/her journey by answering some questions and obtaining results and tips on how to make the trip safer. The user can find general tips and advice and also create a check list of vital information before the journey commences.

Safe Trip can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store and the Android Market, and is available throughout the world in five languages (Swedish, English, German, French and Spanish).

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