Sentry Eliminates Cctv Blind Spots And Reduces Attacks On Cameras

Rapid Vision Systems, a leading developer of redeployable CCTV solutions, has launched a new Sentry camera. Installed on the housing of the recently announced NOMAD rapid deployment CCTV camera, this innovative new solution eliminates the blind spots traditionally found directly below installations and delivers high quality video evidence of vandals or intruders attempting to disable cameras or damage the lamp columns where they are mounted.

Sentry provides operators with a fuller picture of incidents and images are recorded simultaneously with the main NOMAD camera. 3G video links enable live or recorded images to be viewed in real-time by officers operating at a local Police Station with full pan tilt and zoom on the main camera.

Images can also be viewed using a standard laptop computer which connects to the NOMAD Cameras using Wi-Fi. This facilitates the high speed download of video images from the built-in DVR which stores up to two months of unattended recordings on a 500GB SATA drive. NOMAD uses the latest H.264 compression technologies, enabling one hour of video footage to be downloaded in just 10 minutes. This delivers significant time savings and allows the delivery of a faster response compared to other systems, which require an extra 50 minutes to download the same amount of footage.

According to Dennis Saunders MBE, Managing Director of Rapid Vision Systems: “The effectiveness of this solution was proved during recent trials where high quality images of a vandal climbing up a lamp post in an attempt to disable the camera were captured. The recording of his face when he looked up at the camera would provide clear evidence to bring about a successful prosecution.

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