Totalpost maximises security for UK firms

Mailroom solutions specialist Totalpost Services Plc has announced a new partnership this month with world-leading technology specialist firm Astrophysics Inc. to bring the most advanced x-ray mail, freight and baggage screening systems into the UK.

The new XIS series features cutting-edge software that can help detect a range of potential threats in several environments involving cargo inspections, mobile screening and letter or parcel scanning.

Mailroom security is becoming increasingly important with postal threats being one of the most common types of criminal attack on organisations and individuals across the country.

Detecting hazardous materials in parcels or packets can be very difficult but the XIS system’s greater steel penetration, high wire sensitivity and real time diagnostics makes it a leader in the security sector and more advanced than competitive equipment.

This new technology offers high-speed letter, packet, parcel, freight and baggage screening suitable to detect harmful substances such as white powder, blades, needles, weapons or explosives.

The variety of products available also includes mobile scanning units, perfect for on-site security at events or exhibitions, and screener assist software – a new technology to help clearly identify any obvious contraband.

The equipment also features a full range of multi-view and CT image manipulation tools to identify potential threats, whilst archiving up to 100,000 images at a time and offering a “test ability” to ensure proper recognition by the operator, which can also be enhanced by a remote service provider available to give an overview of a potential threat.

Totalpost Managing Director David Hymers comments: “We are very excited to bring such exciting new technology into our sector. Here at Totalpost we strive to bring only most advanced and high quality products to our customers, and these systems are the future of mailroom security.”

Founded nine years ago, Astrophysics Inc has emerged as an industry innovator with the most technologically advanced systems on the market.

“Security is now one of the biggest priorities for UK firms. By offering this market leading technology we can help deliver a new level of service for a variety of organisations small and large from across the UK and help them minimise any threat to their organisation significantly.”

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