Zepcam add two new products to their range

Interconnective Limited, suppliers of the Zepcam, which provides body worn video systems to security personnel has add two new products to their range. These products are; The Zepcam Compact Camera and, The Zepcam Shoulder Holster.

Zepcam Compact Camera T1-CCA

Zepcam Compact CameraThe Zepcam Compact Camera T1-CCA is a light and versatile camera which is specifically designed to be robust while providing sharper and wider dynamic videos and pictures than its predecessors. Camera is compatible with Zepcam T1 Product series. Features include:

  • WDR for higher detail: the new camera is equiped with Wide Dynamic Range. This imaging technology makes sure that the video has more detail in situations with heavy backlight, e.g. with sun light, head lights of cars or street lights. The over exposured parts of the video will be filtered, resulting in more image details.
  • Wide angle lens: the camera has a wider angle lens the he bulletcam or clipcam. This results in a better overview of the recorded situation.
  • Magnet mounting: the Compact Cam can be mounted with a powerful magnet system. This makes mounting easy, fast and robust. Changing camera position from helmet to clothing is a matter of seconds.
  • Improved sensor technology: the camera uses state of the art sensor technology. This results in sharper and more detailed images (video and stills). This new technology is also improving the live streaming of video.
  • Compatible with T1 Series: the new camera is compatible with existing Zepcam T1 systems: T1, T1-XT, T1 Live. Existing clients can easily upgrade their Zepcam systems by just adding this new plug & play camera.

The T1-CCA is designed to provide multiple application options, including being placed on clothing with the help of a backplate or on helmets, dashboards or other flat surfaces using powerful neodymium magnets.

WDR technology is intended to provide clear images even under backlighting, where the intensity of illumination varies a lot—namely when there are very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the camera’s field of view. WDR allows an imaging system to correct for the intense back light surrounding a subject and thus enhances the ability to distinguish features and shapes on the subject.

The Zepcam Compact Camera also features the T1-M21 Side Arm, which allows side mounting.

Zepcam Shoulder Holster T1-P02

The Zepcam Shoulder Holster is a comfortable holster to carry a complete Zepcam live streaming as the unit can be fully adjusted to it the individual.

The holster is quick and easy to put on with separate compartments for the Zepcam recorder, live module and wiring. On the recorder compartment, a clear front allows the Zepcam to be viewed and controlled without removing it from the holster. The compact camera can be attached with a magnet anywhere on the holster for a secure and steady mount.

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