Zepcam now integrated with Milestone video management system

Zepcam, the state of the art, 4G body worn video system (BWVS) that is used widely in Police forces throughout Europe, has announced the integration of its system with the Milestone video management system.
This facilitates the ability to monitor both fixed cameras and BWVS through one system simultaneously.

As reported in Professional Security, Zepcam is also entering the transportation sector next year with vehicle mounted video systems. Zepcam is distributed in the UK by Interconnective Security Products.

Bobby Logue of Interconnective said ” At the beginning of 2011 we implemented a strategy to move Interconnective from “Box shifters” to solutions providers who add values to security service providers”. One of our tactics was to move our product sourcing from China to Europe, engaging with manufacturers that had dedicated R&D facilities as well as a innovative culture. Zepcam is a fine example of the success of our strategy. We expect to reveal further success stories during 2014 from our other supply partners”

Zepcam on Interconnective Security Products Website