Zepcam signs UK Distribution Agreement with Interconnective

Interconnective ZepcamInterconnective Security Products (ISP) has today announced that it has been appointed as the sole UK commercial distributor of the industry leading body worn video system (BWVS), the Zepcam.  Developed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the Zepcam, is already the BWVS of choice in many European police forces, as well as security organisations.

Zepcam has developed a flexible BWVS solution catering for most frontline operational needs. The entry level  Zepcam T1 is designed as a local BWVS with a battery capacity of 4.5 hours recording time and 15 hours standby time. The intermediate level Zepcam T1-XT is a local BWVS solution with the option to upgrade to streaming video with a battery capacity of 9 hours recording time and a 30 hour standby time. The top of the range Zepcam T1 Live offers the capability of local recording as well as video streaming over Wi-Fi and 3G with a battery capacity of 9 hours recording time and a 30 hour standby time. All Zepcam’s consists of a recorder unit, a camera (Bulletcam, clipcam or a covert buttoncam), and a wireless remote control. The recorder is protected with AES 128 encryption, officer ID login and device pin code login. Each frame is etched with the Officer ID, region code, time & date stamp, GPS location and a frame counter. The Zepcam has an active retro recording capability of 1 minute prior to the record button is pressed.

Bobby Logue - Managing Director of Interconnective Limited
Bobby Logue - Managing Director of Interconnective Limited

Interconnective Limited’s Managing Director, Bobby Logue commented; “The Zepcam distribution agreement is a furtherance of one of strategic goals of delivering state of the art “smart” products that assist our customers in adding value to their security offering. We spent eighteen months testing various products including the Zepcam. Our final decision was based on product quality, a European manufacturing base and a demonstrable commitment to Research & Development. “

Commenting on the agreement Bart van der Aa, the CEO of Zepcam said: “We are excited having Interconnective as the exclusive Zepcam partner for the commercial sector in the UK. The UK has Europe’s largest and fastest growing body worn video market. Having a well-known partner from the security industry will help to establish a significant market position for our market leading products.”

Other smart products launched by Interconnective this year include;

The Xumo3 rapid deployment GPRS/3G/ Wi-Fi Portable Video & Alarm System , which combines the latest alarm, surveillance and mobile technologies into a single unit. The Xumo3 has the capability of recording and transmitting live and still images to smart phones or computers. The Xumo3 also has the functionality to operate as a network camera transmitting over wired or wireless (WiFi) networks. The Xumo3 is likely to become a key element of the keyholding and patrol drivers’ armoury.

The Vigilant-i Real Time Video Analytic Software which automatically identifies salient events in a real time video stream, guiding an active camera to record such events in high resolution. This allows the operator to determine whether each event presented requires further scrutiny and subsequent action. This provides security and safety teams with real time information allowing proactive decisions to be made which could prevent injury and loss of life.

The Adams Metal Detector with Proximity Sensing is a new concept hand held metal detector (HHMD). Its technology and performance is primarily designed for general search applications (frontline security, airport security, high throughput public events etc.) The detector’s new innovative development in metal detection technology is with the addition of a proximity sensor that allows the user (and supervisors) the ability of continuously observing, by means of a blue indicator LED, that the detector is at the correct distance from the subject being screened to enable the metal detection sensor technology to detect all required items on the person.

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